Physic Lab Instruments

Diamond Scientific and Surgicals are Manufacturer and Exporter of all type of Physics Lab Instruments. Our Physics Lab Instruments are BOYL’S LAW APPARATUS, BI-PRISM ASSEMBLY, BABINET COMPENSATOR, BAR PENDULUM, BALANCE CHEMICAL, BALANCES PHYSICAL, BRIDGES,SCHERING, WHEAT STONE, COMPASS, BRIDGE ANDERSON, BRIDGE WEIN, DEFLECTION MAGNETOMETER, BRIDGE KELVIN DESAUTY, VIBRATION MAGNETPMETER, CONDENSOR BOX, CONSTANT DEVIATION SPECTROGRAPH, C.D.S. PLATE CAMERA ETC. CALORIMETER COPPER/JOULES, CALENDER AND BARNS APPARATUS, FLY WHEEL FORTIN’S BAROMETER, FEBRY PEROT INTERFEROMETER, GALVANOMETER, GALVANOMETER TANGENT, GALVANOMETER SPOT REFLECTING, GALVANOMETER BALLISTIC, HOT PLATE, INTERIA TABLE, INDUCTANCE BOX, JAGGER’S APPARATUS, KATER PENDULUM, KEYS PLUG, REVERSING, KEY TAPPING, KELVIN BRIDGE, LEES AND CHARTON APPARATUS, LAMP AND SCALE APPARATUS, LENSES, MIRROR, PRISM / SLAB LASER POINTER, LECLANCHE CELL DANIAL, MILIKAN OIL DROP ASSEMBLY, NEWTON RING MICROSCOPE, SIX POSITION MICROSCOPE, MERCURY VAPOUR LAMP, MECHELSON’S INTERFEROMETER, METER SCALE ISI, METALIC CYLINDER, CUBES, MELDIES APPARATUS, NEWTON LAW OF COOLING, NEWTON RING MICROSCOPE, OPTICAL BENCH SINGLE, OPTICAL BENCH DOUBLE BAR, POISSION RATIO OF RUBBER APP., PETROL GAS PLANT MINI, PRISM CALCITE, QUARTZ, SPECTROMETER, POTENTIOMETER DIGITAL, PHOTO MEASURING MICROSCOPE, POLARIMETER, RHEOSTAT, RESISTANCE BOX, POST OFFICE BOX, RIPPLE TANK, RESEARCH POLARIMETER, RESEARCH SPECTROMETER, STOP WATCH, STOP CLOCK, SEARLS THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY, SPECTROMETER, SEXTANT, SODIUM VAPOUR LAMP, TRANSFORMER, SLITS SINGLE, DOUBLE, SLOTTED WEIGHTS, SURFACE TENSION BY CAPILLARY, SEXTANT, TELESCOPE ASTRONOMICAL, THERMOMETERS, TUNNING FORKS, TRAVELLING MICROSCOPE, VOLTMETER V. Mv, VISCOSITY APPARATUS, VIBRATION MEGNETOMETER WEIGHT BOX. PHYSICS AND ALLIED PRODUCTS General Covering-Current, Electricity, Gravity, Heat, Kinetic Energy, Light, Magnets, Mechanics, Measuring Devices, Electronics, Electrostatics, Hydrostatics, Sound, Statics, Photometry etc. MEASUREMeNTS : Meter Scales, Measuring Tapes, Vernier Callipers, Micrometers, Spherometers, Set of Cubes, Cylinders, Bobs, Masses, Slotted Masses, Balances, Spring Balances, Dynamometers In Grams, Newtons and Dual Scales, Level Balances, Etc. MECHANICS : Inclined Plane Apparatus and Accessories for Experiments of Friction, Dynamic Trolleys, Projectile Apparatus, Collision Apparatus, Parallelogram of Forces, Centre of Gravity Apparatus, Pendulums, Inertia Apparatus, Flywheels, Hook’s Law Apparatus, Young’s Modulus Apparatus, Centrifugal and Centripetal Force Apparatus, Linear Air Tracaks and Accessories etc. SOUND : Sonometers, Tuning Forks, Resonance Apparatus, Resonance Boxes, Striking Hammers, Wave Propagation Apparatus, Ripple Tank, Slinky, Helical Springs and Wave Motion Apparatus, Organ Pipes, Melde’s Apparatus etc. LIGHT : Optical Benches, Optical Discs, Light Boxes, Lenses, Lens Holders, Mirrors, Slabs, Diffraction Gratings, Biprisms, Spectrometres, Vernier Microscopes, Telescopes, Direct-vision Spectroscopes, Slits, Biprism Assembly, Models of Periscopes, Telescopes and Compound. HEAT : Conductivity of Heat Apparatus, Expansion Apparatus, Bimetallic Strips, Pyrometers Bar Breaking Apparatus, Calorimeters, Joule’s Calorimeters, Steam Generator, Steam Heaters, Ring and Ball apparatus, Bar and Gauge Apparatus, Ingen Hauze Apparatus, Hope’s Apparatus, Hypsometers, Latent Heat Apparatus, Thermopiles, Thermocouples etc OVEN, muffle Furnace, BLOOD BANK refrigerator, Deep Freezer, Hot Plate, Incubator, Magnetic stirrer, water bath. HYDROSTATIC and PNEUMATICS: Models of Lift Pump, Force Pumps, Hydrostatic Press, Hydrostatic Balances, Displacement Vessels, Bucket and Cylinder, Spouting Cylinders, Communicating Vessels, Water Turbines, Manometers, Pascal’s Law Apparatus, Air Pumps, Vacuum Pumps, Bell Jars, Magdeburg’s Hemispeheres etc. MAGNETISM AND ELECTROMAGNETISM : Lode stone Bar Magnets, Horse shoe Magnets, Alnico Permanent, Cylindrical Magnets, Plotting compasses, Pocket compasses, Deflection and vibration Magnetometers, Dip Needles, Dip Circles, Electromagnet solenoids, Magnetising and Demagnetising Solenoids, Tangent Galvanometers, Galvanoscopes, Induction Apparatus, Barlow Wheels Etc.

Other products are :- ELECTROSTATICS : Electroscopes, Spherical and Cylindrical Conductros, Proof Planes, Dischargers, Leyden jar, Electrophorus Apinus condenser, wimshurst Machine, Ebonite Rods, Glass Road, Rubbing Cloth, Van-de-graff’s Generator, Head Of Hair, Faraday’s Pail Etc.. ELECTRONICS : Mounted Diode valves, Triode Valves, Characteristic Curves Apparatus, Audio Frequency Generators, Osciloscopes, Power supplies, Demountable Transformers,Battery Eliminators, Battery Chargers, Analog and Digtal Multimeters, RLC Resonance, Fibre Optic Demonstration Kits Etc. CURRENT ELECTRICITY : Primary cells (Simple Cell. Lechlanche Cell, Daniel Cell, Bunsen Cell) Lead Accumulators, Alkali Accumulators, Nickel-cadmium cells, Battery Eliminators, Battery Chargers, Power Supplies, Resistance Boxes, P.O.Boxes, Rheostats, Resistance Coils standard Resistance, Plugs Keys, Switches, Commutators, Leads, Wires, Cables, Terminals Etc. ELECTRIC BELLS, DEMONSTRATION MODELS : Electric Bells, Telegraph, Telephone, Reflecting Galvanometers and Accessories, Ammeters, Voltmeters, Galvanometers, Wheatstone Bridges, Meter Bridges, Potentiometers, Dial Type Potentiometers, Dial Type (Decade) Resistance Boxes and Capacitance Boxes, Electric Motors and Generator Models, Lamps, Lamp holders, Transformers, Induction Coils Etc. VACUUM APPARATUS : Crooke’s Tubes, Crooke’s Radiometers, Geisseler’s Tubes, cathode Ray Tubes for Demonstration of : Heating Effect, Deflection in Magnetic Field, Diffraction, Shadow and Stencil, Phosphorescence, Spectrum Tubes showing Discharge in Argon, Krypton Hydrogen, Cabon Dioxide, Mercury, Neon Etc. Boyles law apparatus, barometer, clinostate, fly wheel, Newton colour disc, hooks law, optical bench, resonance apparatus, ripple tank, telescope, ticker tape timer, wave motion, wind vane, Our EROSE electronic Physics lab instruments are WAVE METER, AUDIO OSCILLATOR SINE, SQUARE WAVE, BATTERY CHARGER, BAND GAP SEMICONDUCTOR DIODE, CHARGING, DISCHARGING OF CAPACITOR, COLPITT OSCILLATOR, COMPUTER TRAINER 8085, CONVERSION OF G TO A CRO 20MHA DUAL TRACE, CRO 2MHz, 5MHz, 10MHz, DIODE-TRIODE, TRANSISTOR, PENTODE, DIGITAL STOP CLOCK, DEMONSTRATION T.V.COLOUR, DEMONSTRATION T.V.B and W, DEMONSTRATION RADIO RECEIVER, DIAC CURVE APPARATUS, DIGITAL CAPACITANCE METER, DIGITAL FREQUENCY METER, DIGITAL POTENTIOMETER, DIODE HALF / FULLWAVE RECTIFIER, DUAL STABLISED POWER SUPPLY, DIGITAL POTENTIOMETER, EDUCATIONAL LOGIC COMPUTOR, ELECTRONIC STANDARD CELL ELECTRONIC TRAINING BOARDS, E/M BY THOMSON, EM HELICAL METHOD, FET, SCR, DIAC, TRIAC, UJT, FUNCTION GENERATOR, FET AC VOLTMETER, FREQUENCY CH, GENERATOR PLUSE, GENERATOR SINE & SQUARE, GUASS METER, GATE NAND, AND, OR., NOR, TTL, IC TRAINER LOGIC TRAINERS, L.C.R.METER, KIRCHOFF’S LAW VERIFICATION, LOGIC TRAINING BOARD, TEMP. BY THERMISTER, NAND,AND ,NOR,OR GATES, OHMS LAW APP., ONE VALVE RECEIVER TRAINER, PHOTO CELL APPARATUS, P.N. JUNCTION TRAINER,PENTODE VALVE APPARATUS, POTENTIAL DROP OF WIRE, POWER SUPPLIES SINGLE, DUAL, STABLIZED, P.N.JUNCTION DIODE APPARATUS, RHEOSTATS LOADING, TUBE RIPPLE % OF A POWER SUPPLY, RC COUPLED AMPLIFIER, SINE & SQUARE WAVE, GENERATOR, SELENIUM PHOTO CELL APPARATUS, SEMI CONDUCTOR DIODE APP., SIGNAL TRACER, TETRODE VALVE APPARATUS, THYRATRON APPARATUS, TO STUDY C.R.O., TO STUDY TRANSISTERISED POWER SUPPLY, TO STUDY REGULATED POWER SUPPLY, TRAIC CURVE APPARATUS, TRANSISTER CURVE APPARATUS, TRIODE CURVE APPARATUS, UNIVERSAL SHUNT, ULTRASONIC DIFFRACTION APP, VARIAC VACCUM TUBE VOLT METER, VOLTAGE STABLISER, WATT METER, ZENER DIODE APP. Etc. OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS : stimulators, Plant Physiology Apparatus, slidoscopes, Microtomes, Hand, Table, Rocking, Sliding, Freezing, Wood, Rotary, Sledge, Retracting Etc. Microtome Blades (Disposable), Garden Tools, Field Equipment, Agricultural instruments and Equipments Etc. Dairy & Milk Testing Instruments are Milk lactometer, Milk Butyrometer, Cheese butyrometer, Butyrometer Stand, Alcohal Gun, Centrifuge Machine, Cream Separator, Lactometer Jar, Lock Stopper Key, Lock Stopper, Milk Bucket, Milk Can, Milk Collecting Tray, Milk Dipper, Milk Sampler, Milk Funnel, Milk Hammer, Milk Measure, Milking Pail, Milk Pipette, Milk Plunger, Milk Tanker Plunger, Milk Thermometer, Sediment Tester, Sediment Disc, Tilt Measure.

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