Five Functional ICU Bed Electric

Mattress area divided into four sections made up of CRCA Sheet.
Back Rest made up of X-Ray Permeable Sheet.
Detachable Head & Foot ABS Panels.
PU Buffer Corners Absorb impact and reduce damage during handling
Castors of 125 mm Dia. With Diagonal Locking are provided for Mobility & Control
The Complete components are Pre-treated & Epoxy Powder Coated
Back Rest, Knee Rest, Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg, High – Low Positions maneuverable by 4 separate actuators operated by hand held remote control system
Frame Size (Approx.) :- 2030 L x 900 W x 550 – 750 H
Back rest tilt :- 0 – 75 degree
Knee rest tilt :- 0 – 35 degree
Tredelenburg :- 0 – 12 degree
Reverse Tredelenburg :- 0 – 12 degree


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