Five Functional Mechanical ICU Bed ABS Top/ABS Panel/Split Railing

Mattress area divided into 4 sections made up of ABS Sheet.
Detachable ABS Head and Foot Panels.
4 Sides Individual ABS Side Railing.
Corner PU Buffers absorb impact and reduce damage in handling.
Saline stand provision on four locations.
Castors Dia 125 mm with Diagonal Locking are provided for mobility with control.
All metal components are pre-treated and epoxy powder coated
Back Rest, Knee Rest, Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg, High – Low Positions maneuverable by 4 separate Crank Mechanisms.
Frame Size (Approx) : 2060 L * 900 W * 600 – 800 H
Back rest tilt : 0 – 75 Degree
Knee rest tilt : 0 – 35 Degree
Trendelenburg : 0 – 8 Degree
Reverse Trendelenburg : 0 – 8 Degree


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